How much will it cost me to hire a private investigator in the uk?

NTF Investigations understand the concerns linked with hiring a Private Investigator, therefore we aim to make our services accessible to all. No one should be denied professional assistance when it’s genuinely needed.

NTF Investigations private investigators guarantee customer satisfaction. Our aim is to get you the results in a timely manner, providing value for money. The reason people come back to us time and again is due to the fact that we offer a consistent, professional private Investigation service which is unrivalled within the Industry. There is no such thing as a ‘typical Investigation’. Each case is unique. There are no ‘hidden’ costs and everything is explained at the onset.

We do not adjust our costs according to your location, residence or individual status. We are extremely confident that our competitive investigation costs and fees are leading the way.


We understand that catching a cheating partner can cause devastation to a family and their loved ones, however the uncertainty of not knowing can also cause as much, if not more damage. Therefore, we aim to provide a discreet, professional and cost effective private Investigator service to allow you to address your concerns. It is sometimes also unrealistic of private Investigators to say ‘we can only deploy a private investigator for a minimum of 8 hours’. What if your partner suddenly says they are going ‘to the shops’ for a couple of hours? or meeting colleagues after work? It’s unreasonable to have to pay for a full day of surveillance for a few hours of a private investigators time.

Our charges start at a minimum of 4 hours and include the first 20 mile travelled by each investigator.

Example – Your wife, husband or partner is due home around 6.00pm from work, but you have suspected for a while that they are cheating with a work colleague. A last minute text from them stating they are ‘working late’ or ‘going for a quick drink with friends from work’ arouses your suspicions. You could have a private investigator follow them for 4 hours starting at £180 and have a report detailing their movements and actions within 24 hours. We feel that this offers a cost effective service allowing you to have peace of mind that should they stray, you will have the evidence to confront them with.

For private matrimonial investigations we request payment up front via a recognised payment procedure (card/bank transfer).

Surveillance costs and fees – private investigators deployment

Surveillance operations can be complex and vary in nature. Private investigators, private detectives and surveillance teams can range from one to six operatives and may need a specialist skill set i.e. motorbike operatives, CROPS officers. Once we have discussed your needs we can provide a costing plan to fit. All costs include providing a detailed report upon conclusion of the day’s events. 

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking can be deployed if it is deemed proportionate to the needs of the investigation. We offer a competitive GPS tracking service and depending on the Investigation can even provide a panel for you to view on your computer/tablet or smart phone. If taken out in conjunction with surveillance on an investigation, the cost can be as low as £130 per week. For single deployments the cost is £320 per week (plus fitting/removal charges depending on the geographical area of deployment/retrieval). Payment upfront for longer deployments can be reduced to;

2 weeks = £440 or 4 weeks £650. All prices include VAT at the current rate,

Process Serving

We offer a fixed fee of £47 (mileage to location charged at £0.45 per mile over the first 10 mile from our office). Our service includes report preparation. If you require a document served in other locations throughout the UK please contact us for a quote. Our aim is to serve within three days upon receipt of instruction.

Private Security

Our private security officers are some of the best there are, providing you with protection and peace of mind 24/7. Our quotes are tailored to suit your needs dependant upon hours, staff numbers and duties required. Please contact us for a quote.

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