Do I need a Private Investigator?

What is a Private Investigator? Do I need a Private Investigator? 

A private Investigator is a professional who is hired by corporations, insurance agencies, law firms, private individuals, or other parties to gather intelligence in order to confirm or disprove information.

A professional private investigator should generally have a law enforcement background or other relevant experience and training that has prepared them to perform the role and keep within the law. Here at NTF our Lead Investigator, over a 20 year period, has worked for one of the largest U.K Police forces, the Independant Police Complaints Commission and U.K Border Force.

The investigative work performed has seen him undertake numerous investigations ranging from investigating organised crime groups (OCGs), fraud, trafficking, illegal substance distribution through to Firearms deployments. 

Working alongside the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on several high profile cases has also ensued that a sound legal working knowledge is always utilised on any investigation.

Examples when someone might hire a private investigator include investigating suspicions of infidelity, performing background checks on potential employees or individuals, investigating employee fake sickness claims,  the validity of an insurance claim, or finding a missing person. The reasons for hiring a private investigator are numerous, but private investigators remain the most effective way to get to the bottom of a complex issue and provide a proportionate response.

Types of Private Investigators

Private investigators can specialise in many different investigation types, so when hiring an investigator it helps to find one who is experienced in the services you require. Upon discussing your concerns, we will then provide a detailed pathway on how we aim to meet your needs.

A Private Investigator should be able to offer you the following services:

Tracing Missing Persons
Tracing Debtors
Matrimonial Surveillance
Relationship Investigations
Discreet Surveillance
Insurance Claim investigations
Pre-nuptial/relationship Screening
Due Diligence
Process Serving
Background Checks (including dating scam investigations)
Computer Data Retrieval

Private Investigator

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