Personal Security

There when you need us

Personal security mean’s more than just having someone by your side when you go to the shops or into a public space. Having someone there on a regular occurence, to monitor your property, vehicles and family members can provide you with the safety and reassurance you need to get on with your daily tasks. Just an overt presence is more than often enough to make the criminal fraternity direct their attentions elsewhere.

We specialise in providing security to properties, in particular on the island of Mallorca. All security operators are subject to non disclosure agreements (NDA’s).

We offer a Full Range of Security Services

  • Personal protection, personal security detail (PSD)
  • Security drivers and executive protection
  • Observation security/ Property protection – day and night
  • Bespoke packages based on your needs – whether you need a single bodyguard or a small group of highly skilled security personnel.
  • Cutting-edge technology, including tracking, sweeping, monitoring devices
  • Security analysis

Security Drivers and Specialised Vehicles

Our security drivers ensure that you are safe on the roads. Our drivers have been trained and developed in advanced training courses. We can tailor our operatives to suit your needs and provide vehicles upon request. Talk to us about your requirements regarding travel and transport – seeking help from the professionals and advance planning can mean the difference.

Bespoke Security Solutions – Day and Night

We combine service with the latest technology, installing and using the latest monitoring, alarm, and communication equipment, which includes night-vision technology. Our operatives use this technology alongside traditional surveillance procedures. With their training, natural instinct, and experience, they are able to provide an effective, efficient service. We can also offer guidance and advice on your current security and assist in its upgrade.

Security Consulting Services

In an age where so many of our business transactions are conducted digitally, we recognise that talking one-to-one and creating bespoke solutions is often the best strategy with something as vital as safety. We work with you to identify your needs and to look at the security vulnerabilities that already exist. We then search deeper. With cost effectiveness in mind at all times, we draw up a detailed catalogue of measures which outlines precisely what we need to implement – and how we intend to do so.

Quality Management

National and international quality management systems exist so that minimum levels of service, performance and production can be achieved, and so that relevant test methods are scrupulously complied with. Our quality assurance efforts aim to go beyond this and continuously improve all of our procedures in order to improve client satisfaction and retain clients over the long term. Our operatives are familiar with legal legislation for security providers and the typical requirements in terms of discretion and resilience, and having exceptional personal skills, they are able to deal with all types of problems on projects of all sizes.

Personal Security
Personal Security
Personal Security