What is TSCM

There is a huge security void for businesses and Individuals between physical security and cybersecurity… a void which is expertly exploited by an industry of trained professionals to steal data.

TSCM protects clients from technical compromise and educates organisations in relation to how improved policies and procedures can protect their data from motivated attackers.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (commonly referred to as TSCM, Electronic Sweeps, Electronic Counter Measures – ECM or Debugging) can best be described as a structured and systematic search, alongside a specialist electronic examination to discover both active and passive electronic eavesdropping devices.

NTF Investigations utilise the very latest in electronic counter-surveillance equipment and are capable of locating all manner of devices.  Our equipment is the same as used by both Police, British and foreign Governments and military forces around the world. Our dedicated staff have deployed around the globe in TSCM roles. We do not charge for initial consultation and advice – put us to the test.

Need something particular locating?

We utilise a full range of equipment. We also hire out on occasion the more specialist pieces of equipment should it be needed.
If its not in the list below, call us – we will have it!

  • Near Field Radio Detection Systems
  • Non-Linear Junction Detectors (NLJD)
  • Telephone and Line Analysers
  • GSM Detection / Location Equipment
  • Spectrum Analysers
  • Thermal Imaging Systems
  • Endoscopes
  • Specialist telephone
  • Electronic test equipment